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Post Wedding capers near Edinburgh

After today’s Wedding at Dalmahoy, I took the paperwork back to Lothian Chambers.

I have to say; it appears that the wearing of a tartan catsuit and highland jacket, when walking through Edinburgh City Centre, attracts attention. I had the good fortune to be stopped for a chat by a few people. Not least, an old Irishman who introduced himself as Arthur Mullens. He complimented me on my “fine attire”.

He told me his father brought him up to be sharp as a tack, but also a gent.

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“What is Love?” Why we need to reframe the Big Questions


I come across a piece of information, a statement or happening from around the world that knocks me for six. An event that signals the direction in which humanity is heading. The sort of harbinger that I like to imagine Orwell, Huxley or Bradbury used as inspiration. While the media fixes its lens firmly upon the latest war zone, little alarm bells are ringing in our living rooms.

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