Handfasting Cords

Have you ever wondered where the phrase tying the knot comes from?

Handfasting is an ancient Scottish marriage tradition dating back before medieval times.  According to historical legend, betrothed couples would use pieces of rope or tartan to symbolise their union long before wedding rings were popular.  Over the last few years I have enjoyed creating bespoke handfasting cords for some of the couples I’ve married.  My designs are original and I personalise them for each couple.  They echo the ancient tradition while introducing a modern twist.  They can be designed in a variety of styles.  Some couples opt for a simple clan tartan.  For the more decorative cords, each one of the pair is made weaving four smaller cords together.  Each one uses eight metres of organic cotton cord, covered with eight metres of ribbon or fabric, clan tartans, perhaps embellished with satin tassles and hand sewn beadwork.  My design briefs have ranged from from Tree Goddess to Love Lock Bridge and everything in between.  It takes a whole day to make each pair; and after the ceremony, like you, they’ll be together for a lifetime.