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When you share a smile You share your trust Let your laughter be the medicine That heals you   When you speak your truth You speak from the soul Let communication be the pathway That guides you   When you teach your children You teach yourselves Let...

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Handfasting Verse

The Hands that Guide you Home   May these be the hands that bring you love. The hands that guide you home, The hands that tend the landscape of your hearts. Where thistles grow and eagles soar. These hands will neither tame nor tether But will hold you as you...

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Lanterns Swinging gently in the gloam Hinges creaking  Lighting pathways  Chatting  Caring at dusk Cleaning in the morn There's nothing they can change But to cast a beam Their hearts shine a light, healing.    Marion McGunnigle

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Focusing on Love

As a bride or groom in the midst of organising your wedding, you're probably embarking on one of the biggest and most complicated projects of your journey together so far.  With so many fundamentals and details to tick off your list, there's no doubt you're...

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The Bloom

The Bloom So, We arrived at this place Two people, becoming comfortably happy with ourselves, Perhaps our paths crossed before Unknown Like seeds caught in the wind Seeking a place to land To ground To grow First the sand covered us It rained, our roots began to grow...

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Taking Care of Love

Taking Care Of Love   I don’t remember exactly when it began, but I do recall walking in the playground aged eleven.  We’d just started high school and a friendly girl I’d met was on the receiving end of some nasty bullying.  She was very upset and the old soul...

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Evening Wedding Ceremony Glasgow

A wonderful evening wedding ceremony in Glasgow at The Radisson Blu, City Centre was my first of 2016. If you like the idea of carving out your own little wedding niche in the centre of all that lovely city hustle and bustle, The Radisson is a fantastic venue with lots to offer.

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Mary, Queen of Scots

I was excited to attend the world premier of Mary, Queen of Scots as part of Glasgow’s West End Festival.

The performance surpassed all expectations – the atmosphere and the emotion throughout the entire evening was incredible.

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Short Wedding Ceremony Sample

I would like to begin by welcoming you all here today in the fabulous surroundings of Edinburgh Castle to share in this wonderful celebration.

Today’s ceremony will celebrate the couple’s union. Not simply a legal union; but an emotional commitment they will honour for the rest of time, a commitment built on the solid foundations of mutual respect, understanding, communication, trust and love.

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